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Code of Practice

​Sean MahoneyCEO of ICAE

The International College of Advanced Education (ICAE) is committed to the principles of Access and Equity in all services provided to our students and clients. Our Chief Executive, Advisory Board, Management and Staff recognise the rights of our students, clients and employees, and provide information, advice and support that is consistent with our Core Business Values.

Regardless of cultural background, gender, sexuality, disability or age; students, clients and employees have the right to an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and to be treated in a fair and considerate manner.

ICAE provides services in Nationally Recognised Training

We will endeavour to deliver evolutionary services to the best of our ability and operate our services in a manner that demonstrates:

Adherence to the highest standards of professional competence, integrity and honesty.
We behave ethically and professionally in all services delivered.
We ensure that any employee and/or company conflict of interest is identified and resolved in the most appropriate manner.
We comply with all relevant Australian laws and legislation, including fair trading, trade practices, cyber security, and anti-discrimination.
We are conscientious, efficient and courteous in the service we provide to our clients and colleagues.
We are flexible in the services we deliver and take great care to provide an environment free from discrimination and harassment.
We are committed to employing appropriately trained and skilled staff that are supportive to our clients in all services provided.
We are ethical and professional in relationships with other education providers and institutions.

We will aim to provide welfare and guidance to all students, clients and employees. This includes, but is not limited to:

Occupational Health and Safety
Learning pathways and possible Recognition of Prior Learning & Recognised Current Competency opportunities
Provision for special learning needs / cultural needs
Provision for learning and development

We are committed to providing equal opportunity to our students, clients and employees, ensuring they receive the maximum benefit from their time with us.If you believe that we are not complying with our code of practice we have a documented procedure that covers any appeals, complaints, grievances and/or conflict of interest. Should you have an appeal, complaint, grievance or conflict of interest contact ICAE and we will provide you with information to resolve your issue.