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More Information for Employers​

Employer FAQ

Does it cost me anything to put my staff on apprenticeships or traineeships?

Provided the employee meets the eligibility requirements for government funding it does not cost you anything to have your staff complete apprenticeships or traineeships. In fact, you may be eligible for government incentives just for employing a trainee or apprentice.

How much do I get in Government incentives?

Government incentives for employers vary depending on the qualification, sector and the individual’s situation. You can find out more by reading the ‘Employer Incentives’ section to the right.

Do I have to give the employee time off work for training?

No. However, you will need to allow ICAE’s training staff in the workplace to conduct training. We can customise training schedules to fit in with your quiet periods to ensure the training integrates seamlessly with your operations.

What if my staff are already experienced?

No problem. ICAE can undertake recognition of prior learning to give credit for your employees’ prior experience. This is advantageous to all parties as it expedites the training process and lessens the workload.

You will be required to complete practical assessments, workplace observations and written assignments. Training is usually done at your workplace so you don’t need to take the time off work to come to class.

Ready to reap the rewards of employing apprentices/trainees?

The training for an Australian Apprenticeship is delivered by ICAE, a Registered Training Organisation and we have been successfully delivering apprenticeships and traineeships since 1998. The training is publicly funded so there is no training cost to the employer and User Choice arrangements mean that employers can negotiate the timing, location and nature of the training.

Employer Incentives

To relieve some of the financial burdens on employers and to make recruiting an Australian Apprenticeship more rewarding, there is a range of incentives for employers who take on and train an Australian Apprentices or Trainees. Incentives are paid directly to the employer’s bank account.

For more information on incentives that you may be eligible for, please download the relevant pdf from the Australian Government’s Australian Apprenticeships website and visit the NT Occupational Shortages Employer Incentive Scheme page.

You can also find out more information on the Australian Government’s Australian Apprenticeships website and the Australian Apprenticeships NT website.