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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a special form of health insurance for international students to ensure they can obtain proper and complete medical care when they are studying in Australia. Overseas Student Health Cover is required by the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to obtain a student visa.

What Does OSHC Cover?

Coverage will differ depending on the provider you choose and whether or not you decide to purchase extras such as family cover or optical. However, generally, you should be covered for the following:

Emergency services.
Hospital admission.
General practitioner and specialist services.
X-rays and pathology.

Please note, coverage varies by the provider so we strongly recommend you contact one of the providers below before you make your final decision on OSHC. You can also read more about OSHC coverage at the Government Department of Health website.

​Choosing an OSHC Provider

ICAE’s preferred OSHC partner is BUPA. We recommend you visit their website to find out more information about BUPA’s OSHC options.

If you request ICAE to arrange OSHC on your behalf, we will secure your OSHC with BUPA.

You may also arrange OSHC yourself through a number of providers in Australia. Some agencies may have a preferred provider so you have the choice which health insurance provider you decide to purchase your OSHC from. Here is a list of eligible OSHC providers:

BUPA Australia (preferred)
Australian Health Management (AHM)
Medibank Private
OSHC Worldcare

How Much Does Overseas Student Health Cover Cost?

Costs will vary for every student depending on the length of their course, whether they are bringing family members and whether they require any extras cover.

 6-month course: 9 months OSHC Cover 
 1-year course: 15 months OSHC Cover 
 2-year course: 27 months OSHC Cover 
 3-year course: 39 months OSHC Cover 
​Single    A$450
​Single    A$770
Single    A$1,385
​Single    A$2,185
​Couple    A$1,590
​Couple    A$2,665​
Couple    A$4,795
​Couple    A$7,465
Family    A$2,320
​Family    A$4,005​
​Family    A$7,210
​​​Family    A$11,650

Prices are as above if arranged by ICAE


​BUPA OSHC Orientation Video

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