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Change your Course or Provider

Have you already started a Hospitality or Cookery course at another college?

As a Registered Training Organisation, ICAE recognises the results issued by other Australian RTOs. If you already have completed units and have results, they can be easily Credit Transferred to a similar ICAE course.

​Once you transfer to ICAE you will have the same opportunities as other ICAE students to undertake Industry Placement (IP), including up to 45 hours of paid work per week. For all one-year ICAE courses, IP is for 20 weeks of the year. For ICAE half-year courses, IP is for 13 weeks. IP positions are plentiful in Darwin as hospitality workers of all levels are in very high demand. Most ICAE students also work their full allocation of 40 hours per fortnight in hospitality venues throughout Darwin throughout their tuition semesters.

If you have already commenced a course at another college, you must apply to your college for a release letter if you have not yet completed six months of your primary course (i.e the  highest level course on your CoE). If you have completed more than six months of your primary course, you do not need a release letter to transfer to another college.​

For more information about ICAE’s suite of Hospitality and Cookery courses please complete the short form below, and one of our admissions specialists will be in touch!