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Anthoney King

Former Commercial Cookery Student

Jamaican Anthoney King has completed a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.


What are the main differences between your home city and Darwin?
The main difference between Darwin and Jamaica is the population demography. Darwin has a mixture of vary races while Jamaica is less varied.

Have you ever lived away from home before coming to study in Darwin?
I haven’t lived away from home before, mainly just extended holidays.

What did you miss most from home during your study?
The thing I missed the most about home was the quality of the food.

What activities did you do outside of school?
Outside of school activities, I liked to fix cars and making a barbecue.

Why did you choose to study in Darwin?
I chose Darwin as the ideal country for study because of the climate and the experiences that can be gained here, as this is the gateway to Asia.

What friends have you made in Darwin?
Since I’ve been in Darwin I’ve made many friends, at college, work and during my daily commute. The majority of the population of people living in Darwin are very friendly so it’s difficult not to make friends with so much warmth being bestowed as you travel around.

What is your favourite thing about living in Darwin?
The thing I love the most about living here is to see the various ethnicity living and working happily in harmony.

Did you have any hospitality work experience before starting with ICAE? If yes, how has the curriculum at ICAE helped expand on this?
Before studying at ICAE I had a bit of hospitality experience working back home in a restaurant for numerous years. Having started my course at ICAE I’ve benefited so much from the stuff that I’m learning. I’ve been able to improve my weak areas and strengthen my strong points. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn the history of Asian, French and Italian cooking.

Did you work while you were studying at ICAE?
I was employed to Wharf One Food & Wine. This is one of the most spectacular places to work, the atmosphere is great, the experience is great and the level of teamwork in the accomplishment of duties is unbelievable.

What is the most interesting and enjoyable part of working in the hospitality industry?
Being a young guy in this industry I am honoured to be working under the leadership of a young head chef, chef Woody. Each person has a different aspect of the hospitality industry that they like but for me the thing that gives me the most joy and encouragement to press on is the smiles that I create with a sumptuous meal.

What was your favourite part of the course?
The best part of my course was learning new stuff and applying it to my daily routine at work.

What advice would you give future students?
My advice to future students would be to work hard and listen carefully to the advice of tutors because they are knowledgeable. Reading and personal research is also vital; this is a career of passion not just merely liking it.