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Brenny Tinda-an

Brenny Tinda-an

Former Commercial Cookery Student

Brenny, a former student from the Philippines, completed Commercial Cookery Certificate III & IV at ICAE. She is now working at Phat Mango as a cook.

How did you find your job in Phat Mango?

My former Chef Brian (ICAE Cookery teacher) referred me to his friend here in Phat Mango – Chef Ryan. That’s why I got this job.

What do you like about your workplace?

Phat Mango is a nice place because they teach me a lot here. People here are very friendly too.

What do you like about ICAE?
ICAE is a good school because they help you a lot, especially improving your skills. If you want to study here, they are very approachable as well.