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Leanne Johnston

Former Hospitality Student

Originally from the UK, Leanne came to ICAE after spending about 18 months at Pine Creek as a barmaid. She decided to study at ICAE to equip herself with new skills and help her in her role.


For those who haven’t heard of the Pine Creek Hotel, it is located in the mining town of Pine Creek, about 230km south of Darwin. The town itself is considered remote but Leanne says that she enjoys the lifestyle and the community.

“It is a great little community where everyone knows each other and is always ready to help you out. The hotel is particularly busy during the dry season, with plenty of tourists coming through. In the wet season, it is a lot quieter but we still have 400 mine workers here to keep things lively!”​

Like many of ICAE’s students, Leanne was looking to gain further skills to become a better manager and look towards a long term career in the Territory.

“It was clear that gaining a qualification [in hospitality] is vital to my long term goal, which is to remain in the NT, working as a Bar Manager.”