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Nimesh Shamalka Fernando

Nimesh Shamalka Fernando

Former Hospitality Student

Nimesh is a former ICAE student with his Certificate IV in Hospitality and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. He is now working as a night duty manager at Fannie Bay Cool Spot.

Can you tell us more about your job at Fannie Bay Cool Spot?

I usually work at the evening operation. I have 5-6 staff during a shift. The shop has a busy operation with a lot of productions happening. We have cocktails, milkshakes, fantastic coffee and food.

What do you like about Darwin?

Darwin feels like home. I love the culture and the diversification in Darwin. The sports, events and activities that I can do here always keep me happy and active.

Did ICAE help you to get what you want?

Studying at ICAE helped me to get to where I want to be at the moment. Because of the tourist study in Darwin and ICAE, I got my state nomination sponsorship visa very quickly and easily.