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Pratik Dotel

Pratik Dotel

Commercial Cookery Student

Pratik is a Commercial Cookery student from Nepal undertaking his fully paid Industry Placement at Wisdom Bar & Cafe in Darwin.

Can you tell us more about your placement at Wisdom Bar & Cafe?

I have been working in Wisdom Bar & Cafe for 2 years and have learnt a lot from here. I have been cooking a lot of food and learning. There are a lot of good chefs to learn from. It is also a good environment to work in.

What do you like about Darwin?

I have been living in Darwin for 3 years. It’s a wonderful place. A small city, good weather and people are friendly. This place is very good.

What do you think about ICAE?

There are a lot of good teachers where I get to know a lot about the hospitality. And I would recommend my fellow Nepalese people to come and visit. If they want to establish their career in hospitality, then it’s a good place and it’s a good college to study.