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Priya Gurung

Priya Gurung

Commercial Cookery student

Priya is a Nepalese student studying Commercial Cookery at ICAE. She is now undertaking her fully paid Industry Placement at The Precinct, a popular local pub in Darwin.

Why did you come to Darwin?

My family is living here. They told me that it got a lot of opportunities in Darwin, especially in hospitality. That’s why I came here.

What have you learnt in your Industry Placement?

I have learnt a lot of skills in The Precinct. Being the busiest venue in Waterfront, I have learnt how to use the knife, how to do the steaks and everything. I am still learning to do the steaks, but other than that, I have pretty much learnt everything.

What is your plan after you finish this course?

I hope to study further. I already enrolled in a diploma course at ICAE. Maybe after that, I will apply for my graduate visa. And then I will still be working somewhere in the kitchen in Darwin.

Anything you would like to say to those in Nepal who want to study hospitality?

To my friends and family back in Nepal, please come to Darwin and study in ICAE.