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Cookery student in the kitchen

Satiapong Srilumputhong

Former Commercial Cookery Student

Satiapong Srilumputhong is from Bangkok, Thailand. He is currently studying Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery at International College of Advanced Education (ICAE).


Bangkok is a busy city compared to Darwin (which is a very peaceful place to live) and he was able to cope easily since he made lots of international friends from ICAE. The only thing he misses from home is his family because he is very attached to them.

He chose ICAE because he learned that Darwin City’s weather is the same as Bangkok (warm and tropical). He also knew that the Industry Placement (internship) that ICAE offers students is one of the best, and ensures that students get over 6 months of practical skills training each year.

While Satiapong was studying at ICAE, he worked in Basil, a Thai restaurant and hot pot which is located in Coconut Grove suburb of Darwin. He loved working in the kitchen of Basil and enjoyed every moment of it. Satiapong said studying in ICAE has helped him to gain the key skills of being a cook, and then a chef. ICAE helped him to equip himself to overcome different challenges and achieve his dreams in life.

His message for any future students is; “ If you want to gain hospitality knowledge and want to work in the Hospitality Industry, ICAE is the best choice. ICAE’s kitchen is very professional and a proper place to learn and become a good chef”.

Satiapong is a naturally funny and kind person. He enjoys every experience in Darwin. “I have gained many lovely friends. We hang out a lot whenever there is no class and it makes me feel happy”.