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Subi Maharjan

Subi Maharjan

Former Commercial Cookery Student

Subi, a former ICAE student from Nepal, completed her Certificate III & IV in Commercial Cookery at ICAE. She is now working as a chef in Phat Mango in Darwin.

How did you get your job as a chef in Phat Mango?

I got this job from ICAE. I started as an apprentice. Now I am qualified as a chef and I am working full time as a chef here. It’s all because of ICAE.

Why did you choose to study at ICAE?

My brother used to study in ICAE as a student of Commercial Cookery. He referred me to ICAE so I chose ICAE after that.

What do you like about ICAE?

My Chef. He was a really good teacher. I’ve learnt many things from him. He used to teach us different techniques and everything in the cooking. I’ve learnt a lot from him. And everything else was good as well. The theory and the practical. Everything was good!