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Northern Territory in need of extra hands in the Hospitality Industry

ICAE > Blog > Northern Territory in need of extra hands in the Hospitality Industry

While Australia’s border is still closed, migrants and travelers have not taken up their usual jobs to fill the gaps in rosters ahead of the peak tourist dry season in the NT. Because of this, many businesses require extra hands and bodies to get the jobs done – especially when there is a spike of customers ordering foods and goods this pandemic.

Despite people losing their jobs because of Covid19 in other industry sectors, it is not the same in the hospitality industry in the Northern Territory. Recent news shared that NT’s tourism and hospitality sector is desperately seeking more than 7000 staff due to the shortage of skilled workers.

This is no doubt the best time to start your career in hospitality, and International College of Advanced Education (ICAE) can help you with that for sure. At ICAE, they have a wide range of Hospitality programs for students who want to excel and get the best quality education to prepare them in the workforce. The programs include Certificate II, III & IV in Hospitality, Diploma of Hospitality Management,, and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. ICAE also offers Certificate III and IV in Commercial Cookery, preparing people for a career in a sector that is desperately short of cooks and chefs

And if you’re still unsure whether to pursue this path, here are five great reasons why you should study hospitality at ICAE:

  1. It’s a varied industry with a wide variety of career paths, from financial management, marketing, event management, tourism, restaurant service and culinary production. 
  2. It will continue to grow. No matter how the worldwide economy is doing, the hospitality industry will always survive as people always want to enjoy eating out or getting home delivered food.
  3. It’s truly global. With a career in the hospitality industry, it is perfectly possible to move around the globe and be paid handsomely for doing it!
  4. It’s all about diversity. You will meet many new faces coming from different walks of life, as customers and colleagues. 
  5. It offers endless opportunities. Since the hospitality industry is growing, the job opportunities it offers will naturally increase as well. On top of this, the industry also needs different people with different types of skills. So if you want to change roles and develop your career in another area, there are countless career opportunities in this diverse sector.

To find out more about the range of programs offered at ICAE, you can contact us at (Australia) +61 8941 5959, (Philippines) +63 2 8516 9008; +63 917 717 8060. 

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