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Diploma in Business (International)

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If you are ready to take your business skills to the next level, ICAE’s Diploma of Business is the course for you. To compete in the global, fast-past world of commerce, you need the most up-to-date skills. In this course, you’ll learn the skills and develop the knowledge to perform in roles including executive officer, program consultant and program coordinator.

Duration: 52 weeks (two semesters)

On-campus classes
40 weeks
On-campus classes: 21 hours per week
Paid work rights: up to 40 hours per fortnight (depending on visa conditions)

12 weeks
Paid work rights: unlimited (depending on visa conditions)

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This qualification is suited to those who are working, or wish to gain employment as executive officers, program consultants and program coordinators.

How you study

You’ll be developing skills in:

Managing meetings effectively to ensure the productivity of your team and your organisation is maintained, your goals are being achieved, and that required business functions are identified and acted upon
Managing human resource services, to identify, recruit and manage the greatest asset of most businesses – it’s staff
Identifying and evaluating marketing opportunities, so that your products and services address emerging and current market demand, and that your message to customers is on point
Implementing continuous improvement, to ensure your business processes are efficient, effective and profitable
Managing risk effectively to shield your business
Managing your own personal work priorities and professional development, to ensure that you have a strategy to keep improving and refining your skills and knowledge post-qualification, and throughout your career
Managing operational plans, to provide efficient and effective workplace practices within the organisation’s productivity and profitability plans.
Developing and managing quality customer service practices, to ensure you have the capacity to effectively and successfully consult with colleagues and customers, develop policies and procedures for quality service provision, and manage the delivery of customer service.

Course structure

Certificate IV in Business is a prerequisite for entry into ICAE’s Diploma of Business.

12 units must be completed:
● 5 core units
● 7 elective units, consisting of:
  ○ 2 elective units must be selected from Group A
  ○ for the remaining 5 elective units:
     ■ up to 5 units may be selected from Groups A – I
     ■ if not listed, up to 2 units may be selected from a Certificate IV, Diploma or
Advanced Diploma from this or any other currently endorsed Training Package
qualification or accredited course.

Core Units
BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others
BSBFIN501 Manage budgets and financial plans
BSBHRM525 Manage recruitment and onboarding
BSBOPS501 Manage business resources
BSBSUS511 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability
BSBXCM501 Lead communication on the workplace

Elective Units
BSBCMM411 Make a presentation
BSBHRM525 Manage recruitment and onboarding (Group A)
BSBOPS502 Manage business operational plans (Group A)
BSBPEF501 Manage personal and professional development
BSBTWK401 Build and maintain business relationships
BSBTWK501 Lead diversity and inclusion
BSBTWK503 Manage meetings
BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area


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